Some few links to people and places who have helped, encouraged and or provided assistance or just fabulous sites.  Thanks to all who have helped me in any way. Special Thanks to Annex, to Stuart, to Alistair - wherever he is! to My fabulous family, to Julian, to John and Annie, to Mary - I could be here all day - and to anyone else I can't think of or missed out while I'm at it.


Roger has taken some of my fonts and worked them up sensitively, to include most if not all of the European diacritic marks - These are available to buy from:


Quite a few of my fonts are hosted by Joseph at this excellent font site

Nate does some excellent design and graphics work and has used some of my fonts at:

Find some of my fonts on this excellent font website - click below


A Useful source of free fonts - and they are hosting mine-Fabulous!



Easily the best search engine on the web- my site is listed here 



 Some sites that use my fonts to good effect - you'll need my fonts 

installed to view them in all their glory! - World domination here we come!


To design my fonts I use the very excellent  Font Creator Programme

which is available to download from:


Sorry Folks, not a live link - So much Spam!  Please do write if you like.