I have been avoiding a photo, though some strange souls have asked - unfortunately, my Southpark Mini -Me somewhat lets the screaming feline out of the old clothy container - what you see is what you end up with... I often don't smile, but I tend to giggle when lightly pressed.

I hope that you enjoy using my site and if you do, tell everyone... in the World. Thank you.

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Please check back for updates occasionally - especially on the fonts.

Sorry this isn't a live link folks - but the spammers do take the urine.

Last updated on 17th April 2012

A Big thank you to all those people who have taken the trouble to give me feedback on elements of

my work - and to all those who are now using my fonts in creative work of their own. It is fantastic fun to see my work being appreciated and used for further creative stuff. Well done Chaps and Chapesses all. Enjoy all your creative work.